News: Advancing Inclusivity & Accessibility
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Advancing Inclusivity & Accessibility
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Advancing Inclusivity & Accessibility
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
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To test our products download Shen Health App from Apple Store or Google Play

The Shen Health application is part of the Shen Health Platform, which you can use for business purposes. Check its business potential here
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      Transforming healthcare with

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      Join us today in revolutionizing healthcare

      We provide innovative technologies and platforms that address the pressing challenges faced by healthcare providers. 

      Our Shen.AI SDK, Shen Health Platform, and Shen Health App are designed to empower healthcare providers and individuals alike, revolutionizing the way we monitor and manage vital health parameters.

      Shen.AI SDK

      SDK seamlessly integrates into existing digital platforms, enhancing patient engagement and offering vital medical data for accurate diagnoses. Additionally, it serves as a key component in a well-crafted conversion strategy, directing users towards fee-for-service visits and e-commerce offerings, thereby augmenting revenue streams.

      Contact us today to integrate this transformative technology into your product, unlocking enhanced engagement, improved diagnosis, and increased revenue potential.

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      Shen Health APP

      The Shen Health App addresses the need for rapid, personalized, and high-quality health guidance through GPT-4, resulting in reduced clinic visits, lowered costs, and increased gross-margin. It stands as an attractive Value-Added Service (VAS) for patients, enhancing engagement levels. Moreover, the app:

      • Enhances patient engagement and serves as a conversion platform for fee-for-service visits and e-commerce.
      • Lowers patient attrition, fostering long-term patient relationships.
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      Shen Health Platform

      The Shen Health Platform expands upon the Shen Health App, empowering healthcare providers with a comprehensive ecosystem for holistic health assessment. Moreover, the platform:

      • Acts as a quality communication and marketing channel.
      • Gathers information which can be used for targeted marketing, reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

      Elevate your healthcare services with the Shen Health Platform, unlocking opportunities for improved patient care and elevated engagement.

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      The Shen.AI technology is a perfect complement to Medonet’s offer. 80% of ours of users search for health information on mobile devices. Majority of them have a device equipped with a camera. So we connect the devices from which our recipients use the most innovative technologies that allow extremely simple way to provide reliable health information from where they do it most often, i.e. in Medonet.

      Diana Żochowska

      Shape the future of healthcare

      Our mission is to empower healthcare providers with AI-powered technologies that tackle the challenges they face.

      With the Shen.AI SDK, Shen Health Platform, and Shen Health App, healthcare providers can transform their practices, improve patient outcomes, and thrive in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape. Partner with us to shape the future of healthcare together.

      *In process

      Lower cost of care

      reduce costs associated with monitoring technologies and equipment

      Enhanced efficiency

      through AI-powered monitoring and preventive care solutions

      Improved decision-making

      with data management solutions for better patient care

      Top-quality care

      while promoting patient engagement and well-being

      Increase engagement

      by providing patient with helpful information to gain their trust

      Boost conversion

      convert users towards fee-for-service visits or e-commerce offerings

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      Improved efficiency, reduced costs, proactive health management, and enhanced user engagement are just some of the advantages that our Shen.AI SDK, Shen Health Platform, and Shen Health App offer.

      Are you ready to transform your healthcare services?  

      Book a demo today to experience the power of Shen.AI solutions and see how we can address your specific challenges and elevate your business.

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