News: Advancing Inclusivity & Accessibility
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Advancing Inclusivity & Accessibility
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Advancing Inclusivity & Accessibility
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
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To test our products download Shen Health App from Apple Store or Google Play

The Shen Health application is part of the Shen Health Platform, which you can use for business purposes. Check its business potential here
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      Improve health of your employees with

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      Empowering employees with holistic benefit

      Our solutions – Shen Health Platform, and Shen Health App – are designed to tackle common problems faced by corporates, such as employee turnover, low productivity, absenteeism, and disengagement.

      Let’s explore how our offerings can transform your corporate well-being strategy and improve the overall health of your employees.

      Shen Health App

      The world’s first app that seamlessly integrates advanced camera-based vital parameter measurements with ChatGPT capabilities, providing a comprehensive employee benefit for holistic health assessment and management.

      Shen Health empowers employees to proactively manage their wellbeing, offering a holistic approach to health assessment and promoting healthy habits. It’s a game-changer in corporate wellness, fostering a culture of wellbeing and enhancing employee satisfaction.

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      Shen Health Platform

      The Shen Health Platform is a digital health tool that enables individuals and organizations to actively manage health and well-being. It comprises the Shen Health assessment app and the Shen Health Insights dashboard, offering:

      • Measuring the effectiveness of actions based on KPIs such as reduced sick leave, lower turnover rates, improved mental and physical health, and increased user engagement.
      • Optimizing health programs using transparent data available on the online panel, ensuring their efficiency and significance.
      • Enhancing engagement through personalized health programs and preventive care, encouraging active participation in maintaining good health and well-being.
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      Holistic health companion

      The app enables users to measure vital parameters using their smartphone, participate in health surveys for self-awareness, and receive personalized health recommendations from Shen Chat.

      Moreover with gamification elements, challenges, and rewards, your employees will stay motivated and engaged and you will be able to monitor all these parameters with Shen Health Insights Dashboard. 

      *In process

      Enhanced engagement

      Gamification and challenges create a positive and interactive health experience.

      Reduced turnover

      A healthier and more engaged workforce leads to reduced turnover and associated costs.

      Increased productivity

      Improved well-being positively impacts productivity levels and overall team performance.

      Lower absenteeism

      Addressing health challenges proactively can help minimize absenteeism, ensuring optimal operational performance.

      Enhanced image

      Demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being enhances your image and attracts top talent.

      Boosted Morale

      A wellbeing-focused environment fosters positive employee morale and satisfaction.

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      Ready to transform your corporate well-being strategy? 

      Book a demo today and discover how Shen Health Solutions can revolutionize the health and productivity of your employees. Let’s work together towards a healthier and more prosperous future for your company.

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