News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
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      About us

      Our Brand Vision

      “Millions of people remain unaware of their health conditions until it’s too late. For this reason, we created software that precisely measures blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs through facial scans using smartphone’s camera.”

      Health Monitoring withFace Scanning technology.

      We are dedicated to revolutionizing health diagnostics, making them accessible and precise through our AI-powered, camera-based technology. Founded in 2020 by a serial entrepreneurs and top-notch engineers and researchers, we have raised $3.3 million to date and are driven by our mission to bridge the global healthcare gap.

      Our partnerships with leading entities from across globe like LG Electronics, Flowmed, Health at Hand, along with collaborations with Alula Technologies, T-Systems International GmbH, and ACHA, underscore our commitment to transforming healthcare.

      We are backed by influential investors, including Superhero Capital Finland, SMOK VC Poland, GoBeyond Capital, and Verge HealthTech VC Singapore, along with individual investors like Aaron Patzer, Martin Tajur, and Ragnar Sass.

      Shen.AI stands out for its remote-first culture, focusing on SMART work, trust, and respect, and is led by a core team including CEO Remi Koscielny and CTO Przemek Jaworski. We invite customers, investors, and potential employees to join us in our journey towards creating a healthier, more equitable world through innovative health diagnostics.

      Health Monitoring withFace Scanning technology.
      Awards & distinctions
      About MX Labs - Remi Koscielny - CEO/Founder
      Remi Kościelny

      Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in creation and delivery of digital products to global audiences. Co-founder of Vivid Games, listed on GPW, polish stock exchange, one of most known polish mobile game developers with over 125M downloads served. Passionate about healthy lifestyle, mobile products, and trends of tomorrow. Experienced in fundraising, creation and execution of strategy, company & teams management.

      About MX Labs - Przemek Jaworski - CTO/Founder
      Przemek Jaworski

      Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in product and software design. Founder of ZMorph S.A., manufacturer of 3d printers, founder of Voxelizer software, co-founder of Lekko sp. z o.o. In 90’s and early 2000 active on polish demo scene as coder/3d designer. Skilled in Talent Management, Team Building, 3D Design, Programming, Marketing and Business Intelligence. Master of Science in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from University College London.

      Scientific Team
      Leszek Pstraś - Scientific Team - MX Labs
      Leszek Pstraś, Ph.D.
      Polish Academy of Sciences
      Biomedical engineering
      Agnieszka Siennicka - Scientific Team - MX Labs
      Agnieszka Siennicka, Ph.D.
      Med University Wrocław
      Bartłomiej Paleczny- Scientific Team - MX Labs
      Bartłomiej Paleczny, Ph.D.
      Med University of Wrocław
      Anna Drohomirecka, PhD
      National Institue of Cardiology
      Dr Bogdan Franczyk, Ph.D
      Universität Leipzig

      To invent cutting edge technologies and deliver exceptional products we work SMART. We foster a culture where everyone is heard and SUPPORTED.

      We TRUST each other by default, we’re honest
      and respectful. To be highly aligned
      we communicate openly and frequently
      providing as much context as possible.

      We are CURIOUS to explore new opportunities
      and connect invisible dots. We have COURAGE
      to challenge the status quo and take risks
      to create breakthrough solutions.

      We are a small team of professionals FOCUSED on goals. We work in an interdisciplinary team  of researchers, data scientists, and engineers to create maximum value.

      We’re remote first – giving freedom of how, when and where to work.

      We work with:

      – Agile and Scrum to accelerate our daily work,

      – Continuous Performance – for tight feedback loops.

      Cocoon Ventures
      Superhero Capital
      from Helsinki
      CEE investing vehicle
      of Bragiel Brothers
      HealthTech VC
      from Singapore