News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
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The Shen Health application is part of the Shen Health Platform, which you can use for business purposes. Check its business potential here
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      Advanced monitoring technologies with

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      Join us today in revolutionizing insurence industry!

      Welcome to the future of insurance technology! At MX Labs, we are committed to helping insurers overcome their most pressing challenges by offering innovative solutions powered by our cutting-edge Shen.AI SDK, Shen Health Platform, and Shen Health App.

      Let’s explore how our technologies can transform the insurance industry for the better.

      Shen.AI SDK

      In a rapidly evolving insurance landscape, Shen.AI SDK is more than a mere addition; it’s a transformational tool for apps and digital platforms. It not only reduces costs and improves efficiency gaining more useful user data but also positions insurers as pioneers in leveraging technology to prioritize customer health. 

      By embracing this innovation, insurers can draw more customers, elevate their brand image, and create lasting value in the competitive insurance market. 

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      Shen Health App

      Caring for your clients is now at your fingertips with Shen Health App. By providing daily health monitoring and personalized health advice through the Shen Chat feature, this app becomes a trusted health advisor. 

      Clients willingly share their data when they receive a convenient and valuable application as part of their policy. This app helps them maintain their health and awareness while enhancing their overall well-being.

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      Shen Health Platform

      The fusion of the Shen Health App with the Shen Health Insights Dashboard offers insurers unparalleled access to crucial health and activity data, along with real-world integration from Google Health and Apple Health. Insurers gain access to:

      • Blood pressure and other health parameters from camera-based measurements
      • Activity, weight, and sleep data from external sources
      • Mood, health assessment surveys, and more. 

      These functionalities not only enable precise marketing targeting but also facilitate cost reduction, superior policy sales, and extended user health monitoring. 

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      Transformative shift in the insurance landscape

      With Shen.AI SDK, Shen Health Platform, and Shen Health App, insurers and policyholders alike experience a transformative shift in the insurance landscape. 

      By addressing insurers’ challenges head-on and empowering individuals to embrace a proactive approach to health, Shen.AI technologies drive down claims costs, improve policyholder engagement, and create a healthier, more resilient insurance ecosystem.

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      Reduce claims costs

      Identify potential health issues early, by continuously monitoring vital parameters like Heart Rate, HRV, Blood Pressure and many more.

      Expand digital presence

      Attract tech-savvy customers seeking holistic well-being solutions, by integrating our solutions into current products and digital platforms.

      Personalize user experiences

      Gain customized health insights and recommendations, driving deeper engagement and bolstering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

      Data-driven insights

      Gain valuable insights from the health data collected, enabling personalized policy offerings and risk assessment, resulting in more accurate underwriting.

      Positive CSR impact

      Demonstrate dedication to safeguarding clients’ health, building trust, and fostering a sense of care that extends beyond policies.

      Distinctive marketing edge

      Instantly distinguish yourself as pioneer in utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance your services.

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      Ready to experience the future of insurance technology?

      Book a demo today to see how our solutions can elevate your business and improve the lives of insured individuals.

      Join us on this journey toward a healthier and more prosperous insurance industry.

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