News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
News: Shen.AI ranked #1 for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity.
News: Multi-Tonal Sensing Technology, enhances the platform's capability by up to 4X.
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      Health Monitoring with FaceScanning Technology.

      Clinically validated software for vitalsigns measurements.

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      Innovative Health Monitoring

      Shen.AI SDK is a transformative Software Development Kit that seamlessly integrates remote health monitoring capabilities into digital platforms. This user-centric tool offers clinically validated and accurate measurements of vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac stress index, and heart rate variability (HRV).
      It empowers users with an engaging way to track and improve their health, all within the familiar environment of your application.

      Shen.AI leads in face-scanning tech for remote vital signs, ranked #1 by ACHA  for its unmatched accuracy, reliability and inclusivity: Discover here

      High-Accuracy Health Analytics

      Shen.AI SDK is distinguished by its high accuracy, confirmed by clinical trials, and an exceptional user experience with a completion rate of over 95% for scans.
      It’s compatible with a broad range of devices, including smartphones and cameras as old as eight years, emphasizing its high performance and multiplatform capability (iOS, Android, Web on Mobile).
      The SDK can be integrated with any mobile app, web page, or custom electronics, distinguishing it from Shen Health Platform, which is a standalone mobile app with integrated Shen.AI technology.

      Elevate Health with Shen.AI

      By integrating Shen.AI SDK into your digital solutions, you elevate the user experience and encourage proactive health and wellness management, backed by cutting-edge technology and the best user experience in its class.

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      Clinical Evidence

      We conducted clinical validation studies to prepare for the certification of Shen.AI as a medical device. The study concerned precision and accuracy of heart rate, heart rate variability, and breathing rate measurements.


      Check the Clinical Trial Report from the study about Shen.AI accuracy.

      Download the Report
      Shen.AI SDK Modules & Platforms
      Vital Signs
      Our SDK offers comprehensive support for a range of vital sign measurements, including heart rate and blood pressure, ensuring accurate and user-friendly monitoring. The vital signs are captured and analyzed efficiently, with the ability for long-term data storage within the application as part of its integration features.
      Heart Rate
      Health Indices
      Offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of cardiovascular risks, drawing on the Framingham Study for a well-rounded assessment of disease likelihood. Additionally, our Cardiac Stress Index utilizes the Bayevsky method, providing a focused evaluation of cardiac stress. These indices combine scientific rigor with practical insights, offering an essential tool for cardiovascular health monitoring
      Cardiac Stress
      Heart Failure
      Mobile Platforms & Frameworks
      Shen.AI SDK can be integrated with iOS and Android Apps with Native, Flutter and React Native.
      React Native
      Web Platforms & Browsers
      Shen.AI SDK works across all major browsers on Desktop and Mobile.
      * In development

      Measurement accuracy


      Heart rate (HR) *

      average (60 s)

      instantaneous (10 s)

      instantaneous (4 s)













      Heart rate 
variability (HRV) *

      SDNN (60 s)

      InRMSSD (60 s)










      Breathing rate (BR) *

      average (60 s)






      Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP)

      average (60s)




      Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP)average (60s)7.135.56mmHg


      Integration support

      We provide access to a developer portal to make implementing our SDK seamless.
      Inside you will find, among others: information about system requirements, installation and authorization

      Visit Developer Portal
      Testing Guidelines

      If you are currently in the process of testing the Shen.AI SDK, it is important to adhere to our testing guidelines. These guidelines offer crucial information on how to conduct tests effectively, taking into consideration both medical and technical perspectives.

      When does Shen.AI SDK start scanning vital signs?

      The Shen.AI SDK begins scanning vital signs as soon as the user clicks the “START” or other button corresponded with this functionality. This action also counts as a single scan for scan usage calculation.

      How to integrate Shen.AI with best UX practices?

      To ensure optimal performance, it’s essential to integrate the Shen.AI SDK seamlessly and contextually within your existing or newly designed user journeys. The integration should be crafted thoughtfully, ensuring a smooth and logical flow post-scan. Additionally, it’s crucial that your app or web service effectively communicates and interprets scan results for the user. To aid in this process, we offer comprehensive integration guidelines along with hands-on support tailored for UI/UX designers.

      What kind of data are required for Shen.AI to operate?

      Shen.AI’s vital signs scanning technology operates independently of user-provided information, relying exclusively on real-time video streams from the camera. This ensures privacy and ease of use, as no personal data is required for the initial scan. However, for the optional calculation of Health Indices, some additional details may be requested. This includes information such as gender, age, height, weight, ethnicity, country of origin, and basic medical conditions.

      Where is the end-user data processed?

      The data is processed in real-time on the end-user’s device, using edge computing technology.

      How can the data obtained from the measurement be utilized?

      The data collected from the SDK can be displayed in different screens of a mobile app or web page and can also be exported outside, for instance, to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) or other client-specific IT systems.

      What is important to make a good measurement of vital-signs?

      The two factors that are important in rPPG measurement are lighting and stability. Our engineers created top of the line algorithms for stabilization and normalization to achieve the widest possible spectrum of conditions in which measurements can be taken. It is like a traditional device like BP-cuffs – there are specific instructions to provide a good measurement.

      How to use Shen.AI properly?

      For optimal results with Shen.AI technology, follow these simple steps:

      • Sit comfortably in well-lit surroundings (around 400 – 500 lx).
      • Ensure your hardware meets Shen.AI’s requirements.
      • Relax in a seated position for at least 5 minutes before starting your measurement to stabilize your circulatory and respiratory systems.
      • During measurement, maintain normal breathing and keep your head steady. Avoid talking or making facial expressions.
      • Position your face correctly in front of the camera to fit within the screen frame
      • When ready, simply press the START button.

      Don’t rush the 5-minute relaxation; it’s key to accuracy. For more in-depth guidance, download our comprehensive guide on using Shen.AI. 

      How is the rPPG based BP measurement different from traditional “cuff’ based measurement?

      Blood pressure is never constant and can fluctuate significantly over short intervals. Shen.AI measures blood pressure continuously for 60 seconds, yielding an average value. Factors like movement, speech, and cuff-based measurement can impact readings. Traditional cuff-based methods capture a momentary snapshot, while Shen.AI provides an averaged 60-second value.

      Discrepancies between the two methods are normal, with reference devices having an error standard deviation of 3-5 mmHg. Consult a healthcare professional for any concerns. For more information check our guide. 


      What kind of smartphone is necessary for Shen.AI to operate?

      The Shen.AI system operates effectively with a smartphone that meets specific requirements. While it doesn’t necessarily demand the latest or best camera, there are certain specifications to consider:

      Camera: The smartphone needs a camera that can be accessed through native platform APIs and delivers stable 30 FPS video at a minimum resolution of 640×480 pixels. While a higher quality camera can enhance accuracy, it’s especially beneficial for challenging lighting and stability situations.

      Network: Internet connectivity is essential for license validation. Additionally, there’s an option for telemetry and crash reporting, which also requires internet access. Beyond these aspects, there are minimum network requirements based on the target platform.

      For more detailed technical requirements visit developer portal. 

      How long does it take to integrate the SDK into my project?

      It takes under 1 day to integrate our SDK into your project. We have a lot of technical information, guidelines and examples available on the developer portal.

      How much time is needed to get readings?

      The first vital sign measured by Shen.AI, the Heart Rate, is swiftly available within just 10 seconds. To maintain high accuracy, the remaining vital signs are comprehensively assessed and made available at the conclusion of the measurement period, which is 60 seconds.

      Is it possible to make the measurement shorter than 60-seconds?

      Yes, our SDK includes alternative modes that allow for 30-second and 45-second measurements. However, it’s important to note that while these shorter durations offer quicker results, they come with a trade-off in terms of accuracy.

      What type of frameworks Shen.AI supports?

      Shen.AI SDK is designed to be versatile and accommodating, supporting a range of development frameworks. This includes native development environments as well as widely-used frameworks such as Flutter and React Native.

      Can Shen.AI front-end be customized?

      Yes, we provide front-end examples for guidance, but it’s important to note that these are not included as part of the core SDK. This approach allows for flexibility, enabling customers to either parameterize the front-end based on these examples or construct it entirely on their own.

      ​​How does Shen.AI measure Blood Pressure (BP)?

      The signal processing is based on the rPPG waveforms acquired optically from user face scan. Waveforms among other features are then used for AI based algorithms for estimation of systolic and diastolic Blood Pressure. 

      How do you calculate health indices precisely?

      Health indices calculations are based on the Framingham Heart Study. For example, in the case of cardiovascular disease risk assessment, factors such as age, sex, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and smoking history may be considered. The software may use statistical models and algorithms to analyze these factors and calculate a person’s overall risk of developing cardiovascular disease over a certain period, such as ten years. 

      It’s important to note that any health risk calculation is only an estimate and cannot predict with 100% accuracy whether or not a person will develop a specific condition. Additionally, the accuracy of risk calculations may depend on the quality and accuracy of the data inputs and the particular algorithms and statistical models used by the software.

      Does Shen.AI work offline?

      All metrics generated by the Shen.AI SDK are computed entirely offline, directly on the device, ensuring there’s no need for server connectivity during the measurement process. This approach not only enhances data privacy but also allows for the indefinite local storage of measurement results as a part of the SDK’s integration capabilities. An internet connection is required solely for the purpose of license verification. Once this initial verification is completed, the SDK can be used autonomously for up to 3 days without any internet connection, offering flexibility and uninterrupted access.

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